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Aiding early detection for breast cancer

We’re using cutting-edge technology to offer early detection screening while helping women overcome access barriers that prevent them from getting screened.

We developed a device that is
easy to transport, install and use;
doesn't expose women to radiation;
and interprets results automatically.

Early detection can save lives.

Late detection is mainly due to barriers to access screening tests

These barriers to access are explained by factors such as the high cost of screening tests, the need for specialized personnel to perform said tests, and equipment availability due to space requirements and geographical conditions.
In Colombia, for instance, 23% of women need to leave their department of residence to access a screening test. The geographical distribution of screening devices is particularly exclusive with women who live in rural areas.
Our early screening solution can be implemented at every health center in urban and rural areas to overcome these barriers to access.

Company leadership

Valentina Agudelo


Cristina García

Chief of Staff

Jorge Correa


Ana Milena Herrera

Epidemiologist / R+D Director

David Sierra

Mechanical engineer & advisor

Mauricio Toro

Mechanical engineer & advisor

Grupo Sura

Strategic partner

Gómez Pinzón Abogados

Strategic partner

Technical Team


PhD en Epidemiology (1)


Mechanical and electronic engineer (1)
Biomedical engineer (1)
Product engineer (1)


Data and programming lead (1)
Physical engineer (1)
AI engineer (1)
UX/UI engineer (1)